Connecting creation care and the Gospel around the world

Please visit us in the exhibit hall
at Urbana 2018!

Don’t miss our seminar, “Creation Care and the Kingdom of God” 

Dec. 29 2 pm Hilton at the Ballpark Gateway 3-5

Most Christians agree that we should steward God’s creation, but how are we supposed to fit another thing into our lives? And why? This interactive panel discussion features stories of how caring for creation is integral to our Christian walk and fundamental to our calling to serve God’s kingdom. Panelists:

  • Rev. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, National Organizer and Spokesperson for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action
  • Brittany Ederer, Outreach Specialist at Care of Creation
  • Dr. Brian Keas, Director of Educational Development at the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

Urbana Special!

Now through 1/31/2019, get the Our Father's World 10th Anniversary Edition for $12 (regular price: $18.99) and free shipping!

This book is NOT available in the Urbana bookstore--get your copy at Care of Creation's online bookstore

To care for God's creation, I will choose at least one action for my life.

I will also make prayer a central aspect of my action.

My Call to Action

Live simply

Learn creation care theology

Seek leadership from the Global South

Mobilize the Church and engage society

Support environmental missions

Confront climate change

Eat sustainably

Support economic justice

Act locally

Speak truth to power and the peace of Christ

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