What Makes a National Creation Care Movement?

The Marks of a National Creation Care Movement

The national movements that result from this effort will be identified by the following general characteristics. That is, we expect that they will transform the understanding of creation care within evangelical churches in their country in the following observable and measurable ways:

They will self-identify as evangelical and/or will be seen to be working primarily within the evangelical community, with links to their national evangelical alliance or World Evangelical Alliance associate group

They will enhance understanding of and action with regard to creation care within their national evangelical community, through promoting an environmental response that is marked by sound theology, good science, and practical engagement

They will have visible and committed leadership, able to achieve a high profile for creation care within their national Christian media.

They will work in partnership with and draw support from a variety of organizations, institutions and denominations, including the majority of significant evangelical organizations and churches in their nation

They will use locally appropriate strategies and locally produced resources, and ideally will be locally funded.

They will sponsor and promote ongoing programs of activities. These will vary according to national conditions and might include an annual creation care conference or convention, an annual ‘creation care Sunday’ with biblically-based resources for churches, campaigns to engage Christians on specific environmental issues, resources for small groups to engage in bible study, prayer and practical response.